Since I co-founded the record label and lifestyle brand Hit City U.S.A. in 2008, releasing limited edition vinyl records have been an essential element of our aesthetic that has allowed us to cultivate experiences with our audiences in a time when most music is heard passively and digitally. Through developing a customer base across social media and email campaigns, many of our releases are now sold out, including very small runs of colored vinyl that sell at an price point of 2.5 times the standard edition. 

Beyond vinyl, under my direction, we have expanded on the traditional concept of a local L.A. record label and led our brand with a variety of projects and products, including apparel, accessories, cassette mixtapes, art prints, zines and more, which have been sold in the The Museum of Contemporary Art store, record shops across the country and local bookstores. In so doing, we have created a holistic lifestyle brand with multiple points of entry and diversified revenue streams. 

Meanwhile, with Los Angeles' biggest music festival, FYF Fest, from 2016-2017, I led merchandise creative direction and product engineering to expand the brand identity with a focus on design and improving the quality of goods with respect to design, fit and trend. In so doing, we grew sales by $100K in the first year while boosting long-term customer engagement and defining a new element of the festival for years to come. 

And with the boutique, hand-made doll company Polka-Dot Peanut Parade I directed on a focused social media campaign that tapped into a niche community and built substantial excitement and sales solely through Instagram over its first year. Now the brand is a regular at the Silver Lake Craft Fair twice a year, along with other select pop-up marketplaces, and has a dedicated customer base to support our efforts as we look at scaling production and wholesale retail accounts. 


Hit City U.S.A. Apparel & Acessories

Product design, development, marketing and sales.

Hit City U.S.A. Music Products

Product design, development, marketing and sales.


Hit City U.S.A. Print Products

Product design, development, marketing and sales.


FYF Fest

Product design, development, marketing and sales.


Various Musical Artists

Product development, design and manufacturing.



I have past brick-and-mortar retail experience working at Unis and Mishka, where I helped to build out and set up the first Los Angeles storefront and manage staff. With FYF Fest, I assisted in advance planning, setting up the merchandise tent and managing daily operations.

I have online retail experience as well, running the web stores and digital marketing for Hit City U.S.A. and Polka-Dot Peanut Parade, along with pop-up shops and booths at events around Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.